Steigen has a fantastic nature and invites you to many wonderful nature experiences. Only the imagination limits what can be done here.

Here is some selection of what you can experience with us both summer and winter.

Adventurous Fishing in Steigen

Steigen has a fantastic nature and invites you to many wonderful nature experiences. Sea fishing is a popular activity suitable for all ages and groups.

Big boat fishing with skipper

For groups of up to 10 people we can arrange bigboat fishing with skipper. You can of course choose the length yourself, but usually a 4-6 hour trip takes place.


Wonderful hiking trails

Steigen er Nord-Norge på sitt aller flotteste, og det finnes ca. 30 godt merkede turer.


Close contact with SeaEagle

Steigen is Norway’s, and the world’s densest stock of hedging eagles, and it’s not a day out in the archipelago without seeing this majestic bird several times.

Nordlys_steigen sjøhus024

Magical Northern Light

The light is between 90 and 500 kilometers high and can be observed in the night sky in a belt around the magnetic poles.


Enjoy the view from the Kayak

The beautiful archipelago with its countless islands and small islets, is a wonderful area whether you are going for a night or just a little day trip.


Guiding to Engeløya's Rich

Engeloya has a rich history. We can guide you through the Stone Age, Viking Age, Medieval, Lagmannstid until WW2.


Steigen from the BikeSeat

Vi har også utleie av sykler. Steigen er et sykkel-eldorado, og fra sykkelsetet kan du oppdage lokale perler og bli kjent med Steigens natur, kultur og historie.

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